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Worked All Caribbean Sea



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List of valid countries

WACS (Worked All Caribbean Sea) award is a recognition of the DX activity made by OM and SWLs who have worked/heard at least 33 of the following countries, on HF (160 to 10 meters, WARC included) bands, in CW, SSB, RTTY/DIGI or mixed mode.

The award is a fine worked plaque. To receive it you must submit a detailed list of the QSOs with a declaration signed from 2 OMs or by your national award manager attesting you own the QSLs (electronic confirm [AG] e.QSL/LOTW) or, otherwise, enclose to the request the photocopies (by the right side) of the QSLs. The award manager reserves himself to request the original QSL cards.

The cost of the plate is 25 €UROS for ITALY/EUROPE - DX 35 €UROS .
The applicants roll will be published on the Italian Amateur Radio Association's review "Radio Rivista".

Send your requests by mail or by e-mail, to the manager:

IK7NXU Gaetano Giorgino
Via M.D'Azeglio, 116
76123 ANDRIA (BT)
ik7nxu at alice dot it

Il WACS (Worked All Caribbean Sea) e' un riconoscimento all' attivita' DX svolta da OM e SWL che hanno collegato/ascoltato in HF (160-10 metri) WARC incluse, almeno 33 tra i countries nella lista che segue, nei modi CW, SSB, RTTY/DIGI, misto.

Trattasi di una targa serigrafata, finemente rifinita nei particolari. Per ottenerla occorre sottoporre al Manager, una lista dettagliata dei collegamenti con una dichiarazione vistata da 2 OMs o dall'award manager nazionale attestante che il richiedente e' in possesso delle QSL (accrediti elettronici: [AG] e.QSL/LOTW) o, in alternativa, allegare alla richiesta fotocopie recto verso delle stesse. Il manager si riserva di richiedere le QSL originali.

Il costo della targa e' di 25 €UROS ITALIA/EUROPA - DX 35 €UROS .
L' elenco dei richiedenti verra' pubblicato su R.R.

Inviate le richieste al manager via posta o e-mail:

IK7NXU Gaetano Giorgino
Via M.D'Azeglio, 116
76123 ANDRIA (BT)
ik7nxu at alice dot it

WACS Index

List of valid countries:
Elenco dei countries validi:

						  	1) 6Y    Jamaica                           24) KP5   Desecheo Is.        
						  	2) 8P    Barbados                          25) P4    Aruba Is.                    
						  	3) 9Y    Trinidad and Tobago      	   26) TG    Guatemala                                 
						  	4) C6    Bahamas Is.                 	   27) TI    Costarica                       
						  	5) CO    Cuba                              28) TI9   Cocos Is.                      
						  	6) FG    Guadaloupe                        29) V2    Antigua and Barbuda                        
						  	7) FM    Martinica                         30) V3    Belize
				 			8) FS    Saint Martin                      31) V4    Saint Kitts-Nevis Is.                        
						  	9) HH    Haiti                             32) VP2E  Anguilla Is.              
						       10) HI    Dominican Rep.                    33) VP2M  Montserrat Is.                           
						       11) HK    Colombia                   	   34) VP2V  British Virgin Is.                
						       12) HK0   Malpelo Is.                       35) VP5   Turks and Caicos Is.                     
			                               13) HK0   San Andreas and Prov. Is.         36) XE    Mexico                       
						       14) HP    Panama                            37) XF4   Revilla Gigedo Is.               
						       15) HR    Hounduras                         38) YN    Nicaragua               
						       16) J3    Grenada                           39) YV    Venezuela                           
						       17) J6    Saint Lucia                       40) YV0   Aves Is.               
						       18) J7    Dominica Is.                      41) ZF2   Cayman Is.                        
						       19) J8    St. Vincent and Gren.             42) PJ2   Curacao Is. 
						       20) KG4   Guantanamo Bay                    43) PJ4   Bonaire Is.
						       21) KP1   Navassa Is.                       44) PJ6   Saint Eustatius & Saba Is. 		       
						       22) KP2   Virgin Is.		           45) PJ7   Sint Maarten Is. 	                         
						       23) KP4   Puerto Rico                       46) FJ    Saint Barthelemy Is.


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