TraKbox is a utility to automate some manual processes using the program  MAP65 of Joe K1JT
and Linrad of Leif SM5BSZ.
In MAP65 to select a frequency, click on the waterfall, and this frequency  becomes tuned and decoding, in the main window of MAP65.
The same frequency is used by Trakbox to set to TX  connected to the computer via serial interface.
Trakbox can also send the coordinates of the Moon at the interface of satellite tracking.

From Linrad 3.14, Leif made available the remote function for frequency set.
Trakbox use this function and set the frequency on Linrad.
This feature is widely used because I normally use 2 pc for EME traffic.
Linux runs on the first PC and on the second runs MAP65 and WSJT.
For WSJT  need a audio input coming from Linux, and here is the need to set the frequency on Linrad.
Summing up whenever I select a frequency on MAP65,  Trakbox automatically sets the frequency for the transmission and frequency for reception on Linrad for WSJT.

Trakbox was written for personal use but probably be useful to other users of MAP65 / Linrad

You can download the full installation with all the necessary .dll of VB.  

If you have already installed the components for VB simply download the exe only.

See the file HelpTrakbox.pdf for instructions.