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Via Buozzi 45b i-61043 Cagli (PS) ITALY
e-mail: [email protected]
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Marconi Memorial Contest HF



The stamp of my QTH:
Via Buozzi 45b i-61043 CAGLI (PS)    I T A L Y


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My Shack:
Kenwood TS850sat, TS140s, TR751


My Ham friends:
IK6QNC Pino, the Computerist
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IK6WKK Vasco, the Photographer
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IK6DIN Alcide, the Telegraphist
IK6BAK Eliseo, the Beaconist
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I6DQE Alngelo, the DXer letter.gif (1115 byte)
IK6BMY Sandro, the Homo Tecnologicus letter.gif (1115 byte)
and more....


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Marconista #352
Member of: Italy Club Thelegraphy

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