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About me

Welcome to my homepage, my name is Renzo Chiereghin, and live in a small village of about 1800 inhabitants in the province of Bologna. I have been using the radio since many years, I was around 10 years of age when I began my first experiences with a simple walkie-talkie with one channel (14 AM) on the CB band. Than in 1978 I bought a 23 AM CB transceiver, and since that date my passion on this field increased day by day till 1986 when I got my first amateur call (IW4BNF, only VHF and above). Probably because of my limited conditions (just a simple hand-held transceiver, an FT 23R), I used seldom this range of frequency, so in the 1990 I decided to do my last amateur exam, and my full license arrived. I'm very interested on 10 meters FM Dxing (I'm usually between 29.500 and 29.525), and love very much contesting. Right now I try to get the Russian diplome called "Russia award", and the "WAS award", so Americans or Russians, if you have had a contact with me, send me your QSL, even direct, I will reply direct too. I love QSLing, and when I receive a card from an SWL I always confirm direct. I would add also that I'm 35 years old (20-06-1965), I'm not married and I live together my father. I have an high school education, and for about seven years I have been working in a bank as a clerk. At the present time because of my health problems (I suffer of a neuromuscular disease similar to the Muscular Dystrophy, syndrome of Dejerinne-Sottas), I do not work anymore, and spend all my spare time on the radio. Please give me a call if you hear me, and do not hesitate with your questions. Best wishes, and good Dxing.



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