Relaise 1.03.12

HF QSO/QSL/Award managment, ADIF Import/Export, full version free to everybody. Requires Access 97 or Access 2000 (with JPEG and TIFF filter installed), screen resolution 800x600/1024x768.
Includes: over 9500 logged QSO's for easy/quick testing of performance and 5 maps (Italy, Usa, Usa-Cal, Usa-Fla, Svalbard Is).
Full mapping (382 maps) available at Downloads page or free on request (CD-ROM **).

** For this service (burning CD, postage and handling) we required 10 Euro


How to install

  1)  You need MS Access 97 or MS  Access 2000 to run this program.
  2)  When you run executable Zip file let it extract into C:\ (it will create C:\QSO and write all it needs in that 
  3)  To uninstall simply delete directory C:\QSO.
4) Program comes with some 9500 logged qso's in order to let you test statistics and performance without annoyingly entering a number of QSO's. 5) To start entering actual QSO's just execute Menu => Service Operation => Delete QSO.
6) Do not execute Menu => Service Operation => Delete All unless you are willing to enter the full set of Continents, Countries, Prefixes from scratch. 7) Maps are not included entirely due to their dimension (more then 50 Mbyte): they are available on cd (together with the full program and MS Access 2000 runtime) at the pure cost of shipping and handling. Only 5 Maps are enclosed: Italy, Usa (California + Florida), Svalbard Is. 8) This program and its accessories are and will remain completely free to everybody. 9) We are especially interested in bug report; for this and any question/suggestion please e-mail [email protected] 10) The Program has been developed with MS Access 2000 under Win2000 Advanced Server and has been tested under Windows98 Second Edition and Windows Millennium Edition (beta 3) 11) Stupid people please do not use this program, e-mail [email protected] instead.

What's new

QSO Manager history: v. 1.00.01
Now you can install the program in HD other than C: (eg. D:, E:), but always in \QSO.
v. 1.00.02 - New form for adding bands, conforming to ADIF protocol.
v. 1.01.03 - Adding field GMT offset/local time
v. 1.01.06 - Added a new form for entering frequency plan (conforming to ADIF protocol) - Added a new form for entering mode of operation (eg. ARQ, SSTV, etc.) - Now the program can be installed in directory other than \QSO, provided the two files (QSO_P.MDE and QSO_T.MDB) are put together.
Added manual import facility from any table you are able to import into ACCESS - Fixed minor issues
v. 1.03.12 - Country Flags may be viewed in QSO FORM.
Greatly emproved speed on ADIF import operation.
Minor emprovements on varius form.
Some bugs fixed.