About me

Ciao ! My name is Maurizio Ronchi, “Mau” for all ! I Was born 30 July 1961 and OM since 1993 as iw2jcb. I had the full licence in 1995 with this strange call, too much easy spelling in english than italian..hi! But now I feel it mine!

I married with Letizia since 1989 , she come from Caorle , very beatiful sea town near Venice. We have 2 sons, Marco 8y old and the “Viper” Giulia 3y old ( her first 2y spent without sleep not day,not night,,hihi..so nickname viper!!). I’m a chemist and I work in textile and dyes laboratory.

We’re living in a small town 40k people, Seregno (220mt asl) in Milan province, but much easy to say at 5km north the Monza car-race. The place for VHF is not so bad , but is not the paradise like jn63 or jn64 ( I mean Claudio i4xcc and Marco ik4dxc...hi). To the north side at about 10Km there’s the first pre-alps barrier  around 1600-2500mt high, but in any case not very close to me. In the others side take-off is OK , with a bit trouble to the EA direction for a pink build high as about my antenna.

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