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136 kHz equipments


the station is located in Sormano (jn45pu, 45°52'28"N   9°15'03"E), 50 Km north of Milano, 750 m over the see. My usual QTH is Milano, so I'm on air only in week-ends and in holiday's time (if WX is good!).


27 MHz xtal oscillator, x200 divider, 180 W power amplifier with 1 x 2SK1029 mosfet
under construction 400 W power amplifier

transmitter VFO

it uses one 3.0000 MHz and one 3.2768 MHz standard microprocessor crystals. It is tunable in the QRSS portion of the band.

receiver preselector

narrow band filter and preamplifier, used as front-end for direct conversion receiver for image attenuation

direct conversion receiver

easy to build: 27.100 MHz xtal oscillator, x200 divider, NE602 mixer, active low pass filter, audio amplifier

NEW placeholder superheterodyne receiver

One Knob QRSS Receiver, to be used with Spectran QRSS software, this is a dedicated QRSS receiver.

antenna tuning

 250 mm PVC form, 190 turn, 6 mH main coil + 200 mm PVC form, 50 turn, 0.6 mH coaxial sliding coil (connected in series like variometer)

antenna system

Inverted "L": 10m high fishing pole + 20m about of horizontal wire

ground system

30 m about  buried copper rope + 3 x 2 m ground rods

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