Honorary Citizenship of Rome
on Guglielmo Marconi

On May 7 1903, up to the Capitol Hill, in the Hall of Orazi and Curiazi, in the presence of the Italian Sovereigns, the Mayor of Rome, Prospero Colonna declared:

Marconi's Work is great. Marconi's Work is a Roman Work.
From today Marconi is a Citizen of Rome.

Then the Father of Radio read a lecture about his discoveries, for the first time in Italy.

After the ceremony Guglielmo and his mother got into a "landau". Some students from La Sapienza University unhitched the horses from the open carriage and pulled them in trumph for a good way.

The Centennial of the Honorary Citizenship of Rome on Guglielmo Marconi.

In the photo: May 7 2003, OM Pat I0KHP, up to Capitol Hill on Rome with a QRP portable radio on 70 cm band.

M. Cristina Marconi: Marconi my beloved. Dante University of America.

Write by:
Pat I0KHP, Marconian IY0TC manager

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