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SMOM - Sovereign Military Order of Malta - is a fully independent entity with an ancient tradition and glorious history. Founded before the conquest of Jerusalem in 1099 by the crusaders, recognized in 1113 by Pope Pascal II, from 1310 to 1522 SMOM held the sovereignity of the island of Rhodes, and from 1530 to 1798 of the island of Malta. Then, after temporary Sees, the Order finally established itself in 1834 in Rome, where it holds several extraterritorial areas.Its members are known as the "Knights of Malta". Under the provisions of International Law, the Order mantains diplomatic relations with 64 countries in the world as well as with many international organizations.His most Eminent Highness the Prince and Grand Master of the Order rules over a world-wide organization dedicated solely, as its ancient tradition dictates, to providing assistance in the hospitaller, charitable and social fields. Regarding 1A0KM, which is located in the extraterritorial zone of "Villa Magistrale all'Aventino" in Rome, Italy, special thanks are due to the Grand Magistry for its assistance.

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QSL Manager
Francesco Valsecchi
VIA Bitossi, 21
00136 Roma

The Crew

Ugo Cartia I0CUT
SSB Operator

Fabrizio Marincola I0HCJ
CW Operator

Luciano Blasi I0JBL
SSB, RTTY Operator

Francesco Valsecchi IK0FVC
SSB Operator

Sante Lillo IK0HBN
CW, RTTY Operator

Roberto Agostinelli IK0MBB
SSB Operator

Roberto Corgiolu IK0PRG
CW, RTTY Operator

Log Data from the July '98 operation will be posted as received from the operators. Updates will continue until the end of the operation. The most recent update time will be noted below.


Last Updated: This is the final log data from the '98 operation.

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