Rules Award S.C.F. Capri Island
                First award SCF MIXED“ island of Capri”   

The first mixed award island of Capri is organised from “Puparuò radio club” . The award consists to connect reefs,castles, and lighthouses  of the  island (some castles,  reefs, and lighthouses are already refereced for others awards ( IOTA—IIA—DCI)
                    It will be a “maratona contest”

For the award scf island of Capri  the varius reef, castles and lighthouses are referenced wit another score.

KIND                        PLACE                    POINTS
Islands of Capri                Jolly station                  30 points

                          reefs                     Monacone                                  10 punti                               
                             Faraglioni                                    15 points    
                        San Giacomo reef                        20 points
                          Ricotta reef                                  20 points
                         Faraglioncello grotta bianca           20 points

Castles                    Barbarossa castle of Anacapri        10 points          
                        Tower Damecuta of Anacapri        10 points  
                        Tower Guardia of Anacapri        10 points
                        Tower Materita of Anacapri        10 points
                        Castle Castiglione of Capri            15   points
                        Old lighthouse of Capri                20 points
                        Tower Saracena of Capri              15   points

Lighthouse                   lighthouse punta Carena           20 points           
                        Lighthouse punta del Capo        25 points

Total points to attain                                    250

Award can be Achived from all italians and foreigns OM. And SWL BAND.(80m 40m 20m 15m 10m) all the contacts will be valid on phone-cw-or mixed only once per band and for every reference activation.                                                                                                          
      The connections must be posterior January 1st  2002 and untilSeptember    31/09/2005
      The log must arrive within December  31/12/2005
1 Top of the list:                                           PLATE of CAPRI
                                              2                                                                  MARCONIANO                                              

  medal of capri                                                    
      The winner will be the one who prove to attain the highest score by  sending   the extrat log to [email protected]   The result will be visibles on
The prizes will be sent to the winner by post.
The persons interested to the award must prove to have attained atleast 100 points by sending the extract lot or a photocopy qsl to IC8SDL,Salvatore Lembo –Via Porciell.4/A 80073 Capri (Na)  Including euro 5,00.
For the persons interested to the qsl direct way, please send request to the manager IC8SDL
                        73 “PUPARUO RADIO CLUB –CAPRI”