My mod.s to the Drake antenna tuner MN2700

One day I had the problem to connect more than 2 antennas to my Drake MN2700 tuner There was no way other than buying an external switcher. tuner-map Then I decided to have a deeper inside look at the tuner.
It was obvious that the 2 connections for an wxternal wire antenna if grounded could be connected to a coaxial cables. So the modification was very easy to be made. Needed are 1or 2 plugs SO239, 3-6 screws, some copper wire.
Just unscrew the small green panel of the wires-antenna output, carefully make 3x1,5mm holes and screw. tuner-interno

That is all. My MN2700 has now 3 antennas switching, but the 4th can be added in the same way.

modificato novembre 2003