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    During satellite operation many tasks needs to be performed:

- aim antennas to the satellite to obtain full performance
- tune downlink frequency according with the doppler effect
- speak into mike, use the keyer, move mouse and so on ....

    So, considering that our humans have only two hands, two eyes and only a brain,

I wrote this program to let make something to the pc, leaving the hands and other human
behaviours for the fun.



Main features:


Main commands



Use of program
Launch the application, being sure that the receiver is powered. If not, your consolle will
freeze. 'Control C' to reacquire control.
To tune use Right/LeftArrow, set the step with Up/DownArrow.
When you are ready for sats, hit space bar and the PREDICT database will be displayed;
choose the right sat via a letter (A to Z). Then the system is ready to track the tuned
You can set the frequency in advance, before the AOS. When the sat rises over the
horizon the right frequency will be set and the tracking begin.
After pass, at LOS, the frequency will be reset, ready for the next pass.
 It's also possible to take in consideration your uplink, choosed between the five
preselected ( 0 21 145 435 1267 MHz),and the inverting / noninverting trasponder.
When no uplink frequency is displayed you are in 'beacon' mode, just to receive telemetry
or to listen only.
Otherwise the right "trasponder constant" would be used to crunch number (try a Mode J
test to see the effect of [non]inverting link.
To stop tracking just hit space bar.
During tracking the tune keys are enabled to permit fine tuning.
Are also displayed pointing data (azimut/elevation/range), doppler amount and the level
of signal received.
The meter (raw 8 bit data) show the signal level and has autoscale range; for signal in the
range 0-63 the 'needle' is a caret (^), otherwise a star (*) would be used in the range


   This is my first (serious ?) effort in programming. I've learned, I suppose, something
about C language, socket & serial programming, and Linux.
    Thanks to Vincenzo IW3FOL for his great job with the interface layout; from my
side I haven't much patience with "corner, lines, box, etc.etc.), so his work is seriously
   So I think that all may be done better, but that's our knowledge....
   To be continued ..........

de I3VFJ, Vittorio BENVENUTI   --- [email protected]