S O 2 R  

Single Operator 2 Radios

What is SO2R? Learn about it on WikipediA.

This is the new way of doing radio contesting at high levels/performances.
I am quite new into this area but I tried to start in the right way.
Here I will try to collect resources and informations
that can be valuable to other people too.

SO2R's King!

CT1BOH - SO2R site Josť Carlos Cardoso Nunes, the man I consider
the "KING" of SO2R.
He is my high reference and my unreachable myth!
(Learn why and how to do it!)
(Listen to his audio files!)

SO2R Resources

K8ND - SO2R resources page One of the best sites I found
for SO2R resources on the web.


Some pictures of my first SO2R setup
(Click on the pictures to see them bigger.)
My first setup with EZMaster
IR2V setup



     Look at the real SO2R !

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