Roberto (Bob) SORO  

Born in 1951, I got my Ham license in 1973 with the Call I1WIJ

I started my radio activity as SWL I1-20165 in 1970, and in 1971 I then joined ARI

The first equipment was a Geloso Receiver, G4-216, and an older Transmitter, G4-223 (75 watts).

The antenna was the HyGain 14-AVQ, 3 band vertical for 10-15-20 meters, and a home brew folded dipole More-Gain for 40 and 80 which I then used till 1993.

In 1977 I moved to Milano, and I became I2WIJ

I2WIJ, in 1976, in the basement shack
I2WIJ in 1998 In 1982 then I changed the vertical antenna with the famous TA33-jr, on the roof of a 25 meters high building. That antenna has been in use till the year 2000.

The RIG was the ICOM IC-720A, running barefoot, assisted by a Pentium 200 CPU.
Since march 1999 there is also an ICOM IC-706 MkII, a little jewel that, along with an R7 vertical antenna, did a nice job on my holiday DxPeditions to Crete and Kos Islands, for the IOTA Contests, as follows:
1999 J49WI 2nd place World 100W
2000 J45W 1st place World 100W
2001 J49R 1st place World 100W

I like mostly CW and contesting.
The two cups in the picture are from the 1st place in the 1983 and 1984 in the 40/80 Italian Contest, as Single Op. CW.
First time ever to break the 20000 points barrier! and the top score lasted for 4 years.

In 1984 I was also the editor of the QSL MANAGER Encyclopaedia , where more than 7000 QSL Managers were listed. I also had the pleasure to be quoted, among other DX news sheets, on the W6GO List (at that time paper edition, while today being the GO LIST).
Since may 2000, the old triband antenna has been replaced with a 9mt high tower and a KLM-KT34A , 4el tribander, shown in the picture.
Just below the sliding basket, supporting the YAESU rotor, there is also a WINDOM antenna, which I mainly use for 40 and 80 meters.
Above the beam there is also a two-band 144/432 vertical, which one day I will use to connect to the local cluster. Never had a qso on VHF/UHF till today.
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click to enlarge Since April 2001 the main rig is a IC-775DSP , here shown during the early testing hours.

In the meantime I try to implement a SO2R Low Power contest set up, adding a third antenna, the Cushcraft R7 vertical.


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