The Year 2000 CQWW SSB
Italian Multi/Multi Team Challenge
28-29 October 2000

The Set-Up and the Antenna Park

BAND RIG Antenna
10 M IC775 + PA 5+5 ele monoband + 6 ele monoband
15 M IC775 + PA 6+6 ele monoband + 6 ele monoband
20 M IC775 + PA 6+5 ele monoband at 90 degree
40 M IC781 + PA 3 ele full size + dipole
80 M IC775 + PA full size vertical elevated radials + sloping dipole + 2 beverages
160 M IC775 + PA full size vertical air-ballon + dipole + 2 beverages

Antenna park south-view

The Antenna Park South View
L to R: The 15m stack; the full-size 80 m quasi-vertical; the 40m beam;
the 20m tower; the 10m stack in the background

Antenna park south east-view with climber

The Antenna Park South East View
L to R: The full-size 80 m quasi-vertical; the 15m stack; the 20m rotating tower;
the 40m tower; IK4MTF climbing the 10m tower

The 10m Stack

The 10 Meter 5 over 5 monoband stack

IK2QEI climbing the 10m tower

IK2QEI free-climbing the 10m lowered tower

The 5+5 bottom-up

The 10m 5+5 bottom-up view

The 15m Stack

The 15 Meter 6 over 6 monoband stack

The 6+6 bottom-up

The 15m 6+6 stack bottom-up view

The 40m beam

The 40 Meter 3 elements full-size monoband

IK4MTF, ready to climb

IK4MTF, Pietro, ready to climb the 10m tower.


IK4ZIF Luigi (blue shirt), IK4MTF Pietro (red), IK2EGL Donato (yellow),
debating on the best way to wind a lengthy rotor cable...

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