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HF antennas system:

Hy-Gain Discoverer 3 elements beam for 40 meters
Hy-Gain TH-7 DX beam for 10-15-20 meters
Cushcraft rotative dipole for Warc bands
n.5 slooping dipole switching for 80 meters
inverted V 1/2 wave for top band hangs off on the top of the tower

The system is avaible 21 mtrs. (90 Ft.) with 5 mtrs. (12 Ft.) mast.

The tower, medium size (80x80 cm. at the base), is self-supporting in three sections nested inside one another, with legs that go into the cement base. The mast, build in two sections is also nested inside, and allows maintenance to the TH7 in upper side, without disassemble the 40 meters beam. A Giovannini's rotor turns it all (so far).

VHF antennas system:

Hy-Gain 6 elements beam for 6 meters

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