Radio Ham in Roma, since 1976.
Also PA3FWP (1991-1999) and AE4GY.

Dear friend, welcome to my web site.

I am collecting some information which may be of some interest to the Ham community, with some emphasis to 6m activity. I am not a web programmer, and therefore do not expect fancy things out of my pages: everything is static here. In the current pages you may have a look to my QTH from space, with some information on where I live, to my proven 6m QSL routes, to my 6m WAZ or DXCC standings including the WSJT one, to my shack, or to my links.

Since 6m are closed in this period, I have steered my attention to the opposite side of the allocated bands: 160 m (1.8 MHz). I have already built a dipole while I am still building a coax loop antenna.

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