IK1HGI LF + MF Grabber in JN45JJ CERANO 

Status: On, only MF tests will be open only Saturdays Reload every 10 min

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Opera-32 Correlation Detections

Op32Rx decoder log

Opera-32 LF Waterfall 137.450 - 137.550 kHz (0.438 mHz FFT, 10 minute scroll)


Current view:

RX: homemade superhet IF 500 kHz
ANT: MiniWhip on 6 m height mast

Telemetry from RX:


HDD status

RX: homemade superhet SDR
ANT: MiniWhip 10 m height
Reload every 3 min

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la Risoluzione Video a 1024x768

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