v0.6.7 (09/05/15)

Fixes a bug that I introduced when changing the iharris variable to a logical type. The output files are now closer to the Windows version.

v0.6.6 (07/05/15)

Multiple changes using the latest available code from Greg's website. This should align with the Windows version v15.0605.

v0.6.5 (30/09/14)

Modified files antcalc.f and relbil.f using source files kindly supplied by Greg Hand to bring this version into line with VOACAP 14.0905

v0.6.4 (19/01/14)

Fixed a bug in which "Number of months" was printed when performing area calcs, irrespective of the -s flag. Fixed a typo which was causing the lat/lons to be printed incorrectly when performing area plots.

v0.5.5 (27/11/09)

Incorporated a patch from Thomas Beirlein (DL1JBE) to fix a bug in the Added support for up to 25 area plots to be calculated. Ths number of plots supported is now defined at compile time by the parameter MAX_AREA_MONTHS in the file voa_defs.hdr.

v0.5.4 (5/11/09)

Modified the Makefile to remove a duplicate entry to the voacapg.dat file that was causing problems with the newer autotools distributed with Ubuntu 9.10.

v0.5.2 (4/9/09)

Tweaked the distribution a little to correct a few errors in the install.

v0.5 ()

v0.4.7 (14/8/09)

The correct versions of fobby.f and fdist.f are now being used. The earlier versions were causing some minor discrepancies between the Windows and Linux versions.

v0.4.6 (3/4/09)

Updated mpath.f with latest version published by Greg Hand.

v0.4.5 (14/3/09)

Changed the to only look for gfortran. Some users have g77 installed which is unable to compile F90.

v0.4.4 (15/8/08)

Added a few checks to make sure that the input files exist when performing area calculations.


*vg files are now correctly deleted (previous versions didn't delete files from 10 onwards.

v0.4.1 (25/4/08)

v0.4 (18/4/08)

This version came about following the discovery of a few bugs with a few .dat files. While trying to locate the bugs it quickly became apparent that it would be quicker to create a fresh port from the latest Windows version than to actually locate the bugs. This version is about as close to the original source as is possible and will be the breakpoint for future regressions. Work to port the source to F90/95 standards will continue but at a slower rate to allow for more testing between releases. In addition to the standard Windows functionality, this version supports the -s (silent) and -v (version) flags. It also allows up to 12 files to be specified in an area calculation.

v0.3.3 (14/4/08)

v0.3.2 (11/4/08)

Nothing major, just tidied up a few of the messages displayed on the screen at runtime.

v0.3.1 (8/12/07)

Modified a number of files to permit path lengths to the itshfbc directory of up to 255 characters. Spaces in path names didn't seem to be a problem during tests.

v0.3 (5/12/07)

v0.2.9 (26/11/07)

v0.2.8 (20/9/07)

v0.2.7 (Sept 07)

v0.2.6 (Sept 07)

v0.2.5 (Sept 07)

v0.2.4 (Sept 07)

No major changes just revised a few lines; - Fixed a couple more ('/') file seperators in wincolr.f error messages. - Fixed a couple of case/file seperators in set_run.f - Deleted unused label (200) in dazel1.f - Modified delarations (kind=n) in itexist.f, curtain.f, dirgain.f - Commented out the 'pause' in getfiles.f - Deleted unused variable 'gains' from antinit.f - Factored out the aritmetic if statements in dazel0.f, iongain.f and xlin.f mufsegan.f:495 deleted unused label '278' - mufsegan.f:497 deleted unused label '279' - mufsegan.f:620 deleted unused label '620'

v0.2.3 (August 07)

v0.2.2 (August 07)

v0.2.1 (August 07)

Made a few changes in the hfarea.f:113 file to tidy up the progress display. The advance='no' option (available in F90) has been used instead of the sou@ function which is not supported in GFortran.

v0.2 (August 07)

Changed case of the 'Version.w32' file-name to 'version.w32' (lowercase 'V'). Changed case of the gain01/02 files created in the itshfbc/run directory. Changed the case of all source code file names.

v0.1.3 (July 07)

Fixed a number of bugs in the voa area routines. Added the 'make install' option to the Makefile.

v0.1.2a (July 07)

Corrected an error in VOACAPW.f:428 that prevented the application compiling with GFortran >4.2. Added compilation option '-ffixed-line-length-none' to make the code a little easier to read.

v0.1.1a (June 07)

Refactored code in the following files to remove obsolete arithmetic if statements; - CHARDEG.f:50 - DAZEL1.f:110 - MUFESGAN.f:492 - The 'SILENT' argument has been revised to '-s' e.g. 'voacapl -s ~/itshfbc inputFile.dat outFile.out'. - Corrected a file separator error in ANTCALC.f:111 & DECRED.f:287 that was causing the GAINxx.DAT files to be written to the itshfbc directory. These files are now being (correctly) written to the itshfbc/run directory.

v0.1a (June 07)

Initial public release. Tested on Fedora 7.