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Updated: JUL 2009
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voaP2PPlot - Plot VOACAP point-to-point predictions  


voaP2PPlot [options] aFile  


voaP2PPlot A python script used to graphically display the contents of output files produced by VOACAP.  


-b band
Where the integer 'band' specifies a band plan to be overlayed on the plot. Supported bandplans are 1:SWL 2:UK Amateur 3:KSA Amateur
Display contour lines on the image
-f max_frequency
A float used to specify the maximum frequency (MHz) to display, e.g. '-f 20' limits the y-axis to 20MHz. Values must be in the range 5-30MHz Autoscaling may be switched on with the value '-f a'.
-g group
Where group is an integer specifying the group within a file containing multiple groups to plot. Multiple groups must be separated by commas, e.g. '-g 1,3,4' will print groups 1, 3 & 4
Prints a help message and quits.
-m colour-map
Specifies the colour-map to use. Supported colour maps are 1:Bone, 2:Cool 3:Copper 4:Gray 5:Hot 6:Hsv 7:Jet 8:Pink 9:Spring 10:Summer 11:Winter (default = 8)
-o file-name
Used to specify an output file to save the plot to. The file-name extension defines the output file format. .png/.pdf files are supported.
-t type
Specifies the type of image to plot. Supported image types are 0:None 1:MUFday 2:REL 3:SNR 4:S DBW (default = 1)
Process quietly, don't produce a graph on the screen. This only makes sense when used in conjunction with the -o option.
An integer used to specify the data to plot, 0:None 1:MUFday 2:REL 3:SNR 4:S DBW (default = 1)
-z time-Zone
Specifies the timezone to shift the plots to.



voaP2PPlot voacapx.out
Plots the contents of the file voacapx.out.
voaP2PPlot -c -m 3voacapx.out
Plots using colour map 3, adding contour lines to the plot.
voaP2PPlot -b 1 -o plot.pdf voacapx.out
Overlays the plot with the SWL band-plan, saving the plot to the file plot.pdf
voaP2PPlot -t 2 -z 3 voacapx.out
Produces a reliability plot, shifted to a timezone 3 hours ahead of UTC.


voaP2PPlot does not require or make use of any environmental variables. The program requires the python library matlibplot to run.  


No known bugs, that's probably a sign of incomplete testing rather than a bug free program :-). The program is not very tolerant of incorrect arguments, this will be addressed in future versions.  


This program was written by James Watson (M0DNS) <jimwatson at mac dot com>  


Credit and thanks to Jari Perkiomaki, OH6BG (OH6BG) for program testing and suggestions.




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