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My name is Ahmed Nasser Almashjari.
I am from Yemen, Hadhramout Governorate, from the up country, Hajr valley area, born in 1935.
When I was 8 years old, I was immigrated with the family to Africa (Ethiopia and Somalia) where I stayed there for five years. 
I was sent back to Yemen alone and I stayed in the village three years, then I went to Aden where I joined a technical school to be a Radio operator and for an English language course till 1955, then I immigrated to Saudi Arabia. 
In Saudi Arabia, I joined some correspondence schools to improve my English language and to learn the new techniques of semiconductors components which start to be manufactured and used in the world. 
My previous course was on the old tube type radio equipment, which start to discontinue in the 60's. 
I am currently living peacefully in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia since June 1955, where I have married in 1967 and having five grown up sons, three of them already married. 
I am a radio communications technician, working in the HF, VHF and UHF radio installation, service and maintenance. 
Also I am experienced in the electromichanical industrial equipment installation, wiring, commissioning and maintenance, like small and medium power generators AC Motors, and Power stations. 
My favorite hobby is the International Radio Amateur (HAM Radio) since 1958. 
I have been using several Saudi Arabian amateur call signs, like HZ1TA sharing it with late Ahmed Bukhari (Abu Yousuf), HZ1TA belongs to H. R. H. Prince Talal Bin Abduaziz Al Saud, one of the first Saudi amateurs in the kingdom, who has started his amateur hobby in 50's, now his call is HZ1UN, and we were working for his highness at that time. 
I was using HZ1TC, which is registered under the name of H. R. H. Prince Khalid Bin Talal Bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud, son of HZ1TA, and HZ1SH, which was used by H. R. H. Prince Mish'Aal Bin Abdul Aziz. 
Finally I am using the call sign (HZ1FM) which belongs to my current sponsor H. R. H. Prince Faisal Bin Mish'Aal Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, who is also a very good technically in electromicanic and he is an active amateur operator in the kingdom, and I am the second operator of HZ1FM. 
During the past years since I started this hobby, I made thousands of QSO's (contacts) around the world in CW (Morse Code) and SSB (Single Side Band) modes.
In 1994, I had a chance to operate as a guest operator form a club station (7O1AA) in Aden city in Yemen for about six weeks from March 27  to April 16/1994 before that club station was permanently closed  after the national war in Yemen.
In addition to the Radio Amateur hobby, I like computer graphics and web site construction, this is one of my works on web site constructions. 
The above is my personal photo with my old equipment which I was using in Saudi Arabia in 1960, it is a tube type Transceiver, Collins KWM2A. 
Thank you for visiting my web page, please come again to follow up the new changes from time to time.
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 73's de HZ1FM, 2nd. Op. Ahmed

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