The HZ1AB QSL Card File

Photo QSL from mid-60's. Vic, W1TYQ. Jim, K3PUS. Cliff, W8GCN (now W5SMI)

First known photo QSL - 1953
QSL used in mid-50's, Aramco Print shop
Card used by Loyd and Iris Colvin for their 1984 ARRL CW operation
US Military Training Mission logo card used in 70's
Plain-jane QSL used by K8PYD, Leo, our QSL manager
Received by W9ZR's father for March 1950 QSO.
Sent to VQ4EHG in 1948, by op.John Leo, W6YEZ.
Received by VE4XO (now VE7WO for February 1947 QSO. 1st VE!
Received by W1PYT, Louise Guy, Worcester, Mass., January 1960.
Early 60's hand crafted QSL. Done in various basic colors.
Cards used for direct mailing in late 70's early 80's


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