HZ1AB Operators and Station Equipment - 1960's

Cliff Swann, W5SMI/7Z3AA. Vic Crawford, W1TYQ/HZ3TYQ. Shelby Barksdale, 7Z3AC

The following photos show the modified Westinghouse MW-1 transmitter that the guys used to "melt the snow off the Alps!" Click here for Cliff's text...Cliff has written me a long letter that tells the story page which explains how beautiful this old amp was. They drove it with a Collins KWS-1. The receiver was a 75A-4. Unfortunately, we don't have any pictures of the operating position.

Left, Cliff, 7Z3AA Right, Vic, HZ3TYQ


Vic answering cards Shelby doing QSL chores

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September 5, 1997