Maine Simplex Proposal


A VHF/UHF Simplex Test/Net Somewhere in Maine

Each Month

Poverty Hill Amateur Radio Group


February 23, 2014

Proposal: Scheduled Simplex Tests

1.  In an effort to gain more positive publicity for amateur radio and to provide a catalyst

for more fun ham radio on­air events, we are proposing a Maine­wide schedule of

VHF/UHF simplex nets. Each month, a different region of Maine would conduct a

simplex test, taking check­ins and relays. This is a great way to determine VHF/UHF

range in your area and to peak the interests of hams.

2.  For example, in January an ARES or club station in Washington County could perform

a simplex exercise on a selected 2­meter frequency. In February, a group in Portland

could sponsor a UHF simplex test/net. Etc, Etc.

3.  Our group is volunteering to be a coordination point to schedule and publicize any such

test/net that your group will organize and perform. We will gather the appropriate

information and contact points and send out amateur radio bulletins and press


4.  These events could not only count as emergency drills for your local Amateur Radio

Emergency Service or Emergency Management Agency, but could also encourage

more hams to participate in your club or group activities. (Can You Say Field Day

Recruitment? hi hi)

5.  Between press releases and scanner monitoring, these events could also interest

others in the amateur radio service. It is also a great opportunity to announce VE

exams in your area.

6.  Our group performed a 2­meter simplex test this month. Let’s fill in the remaining

months with fun simplex tests throughout Maine, and even spill across our borders of

New Hampshire and Canada.

7.  If we get responses, a schedule will be posted on  and also

shared with the Maine ARRL web site. March through December are wide open!

8.  Please send your group’s simplex event information to [email protected] or call Phil

N1EP at 546­1575. We will need the date, time, frequency, net control station and

location, as well as contact info in case the public or other hams have questions. Also

list the local newspapers that are in your area so we can send press releases.

9.  Post­net feedback on how many checkins and their locations would be appreciated and

documented on­line.


Phil Duggan N1EP

p.s. Please share this proposal with other amateur radio groups in Maine!

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