*** Freemasonic Net ***  

Created for all the Ham radio of the World who like to share their

Brotherly love for Humankind and hosted by Amateur Radio

Operators that belong to the Masonry. This Net Works since 1947.





You can find us in

14,328 Khz.(20 meters Band)

10:30 ET ~ 14:30 UTC


Any Ham with License and good ham radio practices is equally welcome to our net.

We work from Monday to Friday and offer assistance in case of emergencies.


These are some photographs of Brothers on the Net



WA6VYQ Lee Kariger (The Boss), KB9ETQ Sunny Nelson with HR1HCP.*** WD4SMU Henry Wellman.


KF0QV Bob Moody (E\E\) aboard the Queen Mary



Max , Lee, Elia, Diana Nelson, Sunny, Merriam Kariger, Marieta & Herman.(summer 1999)



N5MYJ Perry in Tyler, Texas, KF0QV and HR1HCP in Buffalo Bills grave, Colorado (Nov 2000)

To the rest of the group, please send your photography to hr1hcp


Write to Bro. Lee Kariger WA6VYQ

Or Paul KK7RR


If you want to send your picture by mail:

Herman Cueva

2859 Bajo Aguan, Altos de Miramontes

Tegucigalpa, 11100


e-mail hr1cp