The principal purpose of our expedition is the participation in the CQ-WW-DX RTTY Contest. In addition we have extensive preparations met.

However we become intensive QRV before and after the contest on all HF bands. Panama is actually no rare country owing to the activity of Guenter HP1XVH and other one. But the WARC and low bands as well as CW are still very in demand. For this reason we will concentrate mainly on these modes and bands.

Our special attention applies particularly on the Low bands to Europe and Asia. The time around the equinox is surely ideal for connections with this continents.

On the QTH side of our web page we have a propagation forecast for select call areas furnished.

We have a modern and outstanding equipped station in use (tnx Guenter). In order to be successful straight on the Low bands, additionally several Beverages will be installed. 1000m wire belongs for this reason to the luggage.

In the main activity times we will have always 2 stations on the air. Likewise a constant link exists to the packing cluster network.

Nothing stands wishes for special bands or modes of operation against. There is at any time the possibility of communication by E-Mail.