HL5FUA and DS5XUA    since 12/30/98

Thank you for your visit. My name is Choi and callsign is HL5FUA. I have been a ham since 1990. I live on a small island, ulleung Is. located about 350km east of Seoul,the capital city.  IOTA no. is AS-045

HL5FUA : 'Choi'  Jongsool Choi

DS5XUA : 'Lee'  Eunhee Lee (XYL)

Favorite Frequency : 75meters

Radio : TS-850S, IC-775DSP

Antenna : Mosley PRO67C, Carolina Windom 160 Special , Half Wave Dipole for 75m / 40m, Create Rotatable Dipole CD78L for 75-80m

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Contact    Information


: P.O.BOX 5 ulleung Island 799-800                             SOUTH KOREA
      home phone no.  
      work fax no.        
work phone no.   +82-54-790-6300

      e-mail : [email protected]

ulleung & Tok-do Island IOTA  AS-045
located about 350km east of Seoul,the capital city

Amateur Radio Station : 50 stns

ulleung Island : E 130°5520
      N 37°3301G.L. PM57KL

: E 131°5220
                     N 37°1437

Area 73.0 (Tok-do Is. 0.18)


Households and Population 3,785 (9,252persons)  Agriculture 19, Fishery 26, Others 55

Weather  Rainfall : 1,137.4mm a year. Snowfall : 164.7mm a year

Temperature Annual Average 12.1, Max 31.5, Min -8.1

Characteristics Three-nil : thief, nuisance, snake
: Chinese juniper, wind, beautiful women, fresh water, stone

Transportation Water way : P'ohang  to ulleung : SUN FLOWER 3hours
                                                            Mukho : HANGYEORE 2hours 30minute

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