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N9EOC Repeaters

Hamilton County RACES, ARES, and CIARA operate three repeaters.
145.17 (-) and 443.55 (+) use a 77 mHz tone. The tower is located at the county Emergency Operations Center in Noblesville. These two repeaters are usually linked.

The third repeater, 443.95 (+) is in Hortonville, and autodetects for digital (C4FM) and analog modes (77 mHz tone). For analog FM, set PL tone to 77 Hz in the TQL mode (receive and transmit) to avoid receiving the “hash” on analog when a digital QSO is taking place. No tone is required to access the repeater in the digital mode. This repeater is also equipped with a kerchunk preventor.
When you are finished with a WIRES-X session, please key up and press the pound key to terminate the session. Remember, your connection to another repeater is audible to all users, and there is only one connection permitted at a time.

The CIARA/HCARES net is called every Sunday at 8:00 P.M (local) on the 145.17(-) repeater. Anyone is welcome to check in. We also make any announcements and play Amateur Radio Newsline, ARRL news, or the RAIN report.
Several members take turns as net control. Please contact the net coordinator for details.
If no repeaters are available, the Net will be called on 146.460 MHz simplex.