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Bioko Island, AF-010
Franz, DJ9ZB from Brazzaville
Andrej, UA9XC from Comoros, AF-007
Annobon Island, AF-039
Libya Dxpedition 2006
Seychelles, AF-024
Andy in Tristan da Cunha, AF-029
Netherlands Dxpedition 2007 in Liberia
Chris in Mali, 2005
Vlad on Tour,in Lesotho 2006
Girl in Kampala, Uganda
Another nice Picture from Botswana
Jules, Reunion Isl., AF-016
Chris, in Central African Republic
Charles on Sao Tomé Isl., AF-023
Glorioso Isl. 2009, AF-011
Amsterdam Is., AF-002
South Sudan, new DXCC 2011
Zorro in Eritrea
Enroute from Peter I. Island
Vernadsky Base, AN-006
Base Marambio, AN-013
Italian Mario Zucchelli Antarctic Base
Rothera Base, AN-001
Russian Bellingshausen Station, AN-010
German Neumayer Base, Op. Mirko (DG9BHQ)
Russian Antarctic Base Novolazarevskaya
Polish Antarctic Base Henryk Arctowski, AN-010
Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station
The 51st Japanese Antarctic Exp., wkd. via LP.
Station A-Port Lockroy, AN-012, Goudier Isl.
Bob on the australian Davis Base via Short Path
Polish Antarctic Base on King George Isl.
R1ANC, the russian Vostok Station, AN-016
Bob with Special Call now via Long Path
Felix, DL5XL from the new Neumayer III Base
The russian Mirny Antarctic Base
Japanese Antarctic Base Syowa, AN-015
Indian Maitri Base with Op. Bhagwati, VU3BPZ
Chilean Arturo Prat Navy Antarctic Base, Exp. 2010
British Rothera Station, Op. Mike Clarke
King Sejong, Korean Antarctic Base, Op. DS4NMJ
Russian Antarctic Base, Progress, Op. Alex, RW1AI
Vostok Base, 3.488m a.s.l. Op. Alex, RD1AV
Mario Zucchelli Station Op. Massimo, IW0HEU
South Orkney Dxpedition 2011, AN-008
Mehdis Antarctic Tour 2011, E-Base Stonington Isl.
Base Melchior, Gamma Isl.
Mehdi QRV from Cape Reclus
Antarctic Base Maldonado, Greenwich Isl.
Base Juan Carlos I., Livingston Isl.
The Finnish ABOA Antarctic Research Station, Op. Mika
Antarctic Base Mario Zucchelli, Italy
Macquarie Isl., AN-005
Halley V Station, Op. Mike
Neumayer Base III, Op. Lars
Watzmann Observatory Op. Lars (DL1LLL)
Palaoa Observatory, Atka Bay
Indian Bay camp, WAP IND-02
Indian Bharati Base, WAP IND-04
Russian Bellingshausen Station Op. Oleg (ZS1OIN)
Australian Casey Station, Op. Gerry (VK4BGL)
Marion Isl., AF-021, Op. Carson
Marion Isl., another nice picture
Nadia, contact on 10m phone.
Mawson Antarctic Station on air
Amundsen-Scott South Pole Base
Bangladesh St. Martin's Is., AS-127
Club Station, northeast of Beijing, China
Lakshadweep Island, AS-011
Andaman Island Expedition 2006
Chris with permission, but no DXCC-credit
Rare DXCC in the south chinese Sea
Vitaly from Turkmenistan
Taipa Isl. of Macao, AS-075
Aki-san in Ogasawara, AS-031
Larry worked in Laos
Andy, QRV from Afghanistan
Victor, Sri Lanka Isl., AS-003
New indian Iota, AS-199, Exp. 2008
The DXers Dream, 5 Element for the 80m Band
Kingdom of Bhutan, Nov. 2008
DXpedition to Palestine 2009
Exp. to Socotra Isl., Yemen 2012
Zorro (JH1AJT) from Myanmar 2013
Mount Athos, Op. Monk Apollo
Franz-Josef-Land Dxpedition 2004, EU-019
Order of Malta, QRV for a Sudan Project
Market Reef, Expedition 2007
Vatican City State
Jan Mayen Island, EU-022
Roger on Svalbard, Bear Isl. EU-027
Dxpedition to Malyj Vysotskij Isl., EU-117
Project Goodwill Albania 2003
ITU Headquaters in Geneva, OP Ivan, OM3CGN
Belgian Trip to Faroe Isl., EU-018
Riccardo from San Marino
Contact with Ex MIR Cosmonaut Alexander Volkov
Red Sands Radio, Spec. Event Station 2008
Rockall Isl., Europeans "Most wanted IOTA"
North Pole -35th- Drifting Station, Locator OR01
The Arctic Isl. Franz Josef Land
Saint Barthélémy, DXCC Entity 338
Aves Island, NA-020
St. Paul Island, NA-094
Isla del Coco Dxpedition 2008, NA-012
Revillagigedo, Socorro Island, NA-030
Sable Island, NA-063
Clipperton Dxpedition 2008, NA-011
San Andreas Isl., NA-033
Swan Islands, NA-035
Frank, K3TRM in Montserrat,NA-103
UN Headquaters in New York
OM Bruce, Bermuda Isl., NA-005
Cuba Expedition to NA-086, Cayo Coco
Rathbone Isl., NA-243, Op. Johan, PA3EXX
Desecheo Isl. 2009, NA-095
Bernardo activ from Magdalena Isl., NA-078
The World Bank Amateur Radio Club Station
DXpedition to Itaparica Isl., SA-023
Falklands, Op. Uli, DL2AH, SA-002
Ecuador, Op. Alfredo
Uli, DL2AH, from Juan Fernandez Isl., SA-005
Galapagos Island, SA-004
Fernando de Noronha, SA-003
DXpedition 2003 to Tobago, SA-009
Spaceport Club Station Kourou, French Guiana
Isla Lobos de Afuera, Iota SA-076
Martin, VE3MR from Aruba, SA-036
Juan in Asuncion, Paraguay
Miguel, QTH Santa Cruz, Bolivia
Easter Isl. 2009, SA-001
Trindade Isl., SA-010
Malpelo Dxpedition 2012
St.Peter&St.Paul Rocks 2012
Cezar & Johan by their Diego Ramirez (SA-097) Activation
Randy, Marshall Islands, OC-028
Timor-Leste Expedition 2007, OC-148
Swains Island 2007, OC-200
Antoine, Rotuma Island, OC-060
Luis from Tahiti, OC-046
Yves in Hiva Oa, Marquesas Isl., OC-027
Ducie Isl., OC-182. The best I ever heard.
Just (LA9DL) from Spratley Isl., OC-051
Christmas Isl. Dxpedition 2008, OC-002
Uli on tour again, Tokelau, OC-048
North Cook Isl., Mike on Suwarrow, OC-080
Samoan DXpedition 2006, OC-097
Masa from Minami-Torishima, OC-073
Willis Isl. DXpedition 2008, OC-007
Nias Isl. Dxpedition 2006, OC-161
Walter, HB9XBG in Rarotonga, OC-013
Chatham Isl., OC-038, Expedition 2009
Fiji Isl. OC-016, Op. SP5EAQ
German DXpedition to the Conway Reef, OC-112
International Midway Isl. Expedition, OC-030
Vanuatu Isl. OC-035
Lord Howe Isl., OC-004
Chesterfield Is., OC-176, Lowband DXpedition
Jacek & Jacek in Western Kiribati
German Dxpedition 2010 to Kermadec Isl.
East Kiribati, Op. Giovanni, I5JHW DXped. 2011
Niue Isl., Dxpedition 2011, OC-040
Another North Cook Expedition, OC-014
Tuvalu 2011, OC-015
Kingdom of Tonga 2012, OC-049
Temotu, Nendo OC-100
Campbell Isl. 2012, OC-037
Wallis & Futuna, OC-054, Op. Jean-Jacques (TK5JJ)
Banaba Is. Exp. 2013, OC-018
Wake Atoll, OC-053
Mellish Reef 2014, OC-072
Yuki(JH1NBN) in Nauru 2012, OC-031