For this very nice award only contacts after January 1, 1979 are valid. 
  For the Diplom on HF, HB Stations need 10 QSO's. EU Stations need 5 and DX 3 QSO's
  On VHF, HB stations need 10, all other need 5 QSO's
  All QSO's with Hams who have there QTH on Lake Zürich or are member of the Zürichsee Chapter HB9D count.
  You must have a qso with a ham in each of the 3 cantons, Zürich, St Gallen and Schwyz
  A QSO with HB9D, The clubstation, counts as a Joker for one missing canton.
  Send your log and Sfr 10, or 10 IRC or US$ 7 to:
  Award manager:
  Ernst Brennwald, HB9IRI
  Bergstrasse 195
  CH-8707 Uetikon am See


Last Up-Date: 07/19/99 HB9DOD