Whaling City Triathlon 2010
July 24th, 2010

The HAMCOW setup was simple for this event.
The main tower only needed to be telescoped
part way to cover this small course, and we
had basic Internet service.  An AC outlet
on the side of the visitors center gave us juice
to run the radios and air conditioner.
Pulling in Friday night was interesting because
there was torrential rain, so we set up
in between downpours.  We left some
minor ruts in the grass.

Ed, KA1RSY & Margaret, KA1BZE, were our net control ops for the day.
Today we only used 2 Meters and a MURS radio to communicate
with the race officials.

The racers get registered and have their ID numbers written
on their arms and legs with a grease pencil.

Runners are already coming in, and bikers are still heading
out onto the course.

Racers scramble to their bikes after the quick swim.

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