Public Safety Day
May 16th, 2009

Held at Heritage State Park / Battleship Cove

The HAMCOW was set up for display at Heritage State Park at Battleship Cove in
Fall River, MA.  It was a beautiful sunny day for the event.  The main tower and satellite
array were erected and W2DAN's tower was set up in the laid over position to show off
how easily it can be deployed.

Here is our EMS counterpart, the Bristol County Incident Command Center.

There were some really nice antique fire fighting rigs in attendance.

This is a shot of one section of the field.  There was plenty more out of view
from this vantage point, and also inside the Visitors Center at the park.

The Fall River P.D. did a police dog take-down demonstration.
Everybody was told to move far away from the action to make sure
the dog ended up biting the correct person.  This shot was taken with
a 400mm zoom lens from the roof of the HAMCOW.

Freetown and Lakeville F.D. brought out their "Brush Busters"
N1RHS is dreaming about what he could knock over with one of these.

And our EMA Director was having a good time handing out plastic
fireman hats to the visiting children.

One of the cool and truly instructional things there was the
Kids Fire Safety House.  This trailer was actually a miniature
"kids-sized" house.  The kids would go inside and you can see the
simulated smoke, which would cause a smoke detector to go off.
This was the queue for the kids to escape onto the back porch
and climb down the RV style ladder to safety. 

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