Patriot Triathlon 2008
July 9th, 2008

The Tri-athletes are preparing for a tiring day.

Getting ready to go swimming.

Here the crew is getting their route assignments.

KD1CY took his turn as Net Control.

The HAMCOW was set up for accessing the local repeaters
and for using simplex along the race route.  We had such
great simplex coverage with the tall tower and Comet
tri-bander that all race that communications stayed on
simplex!  We were set up next to a gazebo that
also had a DJ for the first half of the race, then a pretty
decent rock band played.  Too bad when they started
to really crank up the tunes we popped the circuit
a few times!  A little readjusting of circuits, and
we were "rocking and rolling" again.

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