Newport County Radio Group Show & Tell
May 12, 2010


The HAMCOW was hauled to the American Red Cross in Middletown, RI for Show & Tell.

We tossed up a bunch of aluminum to show off some of our capabilities.

All of the antennas that were not in the air were spread out in the parking lot
for everybody to see some of the innovative hardware modifications that have
been done to speed up and simplify our setup.

The antenna launcher always draws a few smiles.  Tonight there were no live demos
because of the lack space.  

N1JOY and W2DAN demonstrate the portable aluminum tower, machined base plate,
and fold out support leg that hold the tower in just the right position for
installing the HF Yagi antenna.

N1JOY demonstrates the HAMCOW AC power feed, and how with various AC adapters
connect to all types of AC power sources from 120 VAC to 240 VAC.

In the rear storage area you can see the many coils of coax cable and extension
cord reels with various dipole and wire antennas.  And of course the camp stove / BBQ grille.

A view from inside the HAMCOW lengthwise.  The gang moves inside to see what
our operating and living quarters look like.  This shot really shows just how
spacious the HAMCOW is on the inside.

N1JOY demonstrates the coax patch panel and the many ways the 12VDC power
distribution can be configured to make sure the HAMCOW can stay powered
up even in the worst circumstances.

N1JOY demonstrates the stake puller designed to keep the Team HAMCOW
members out of the chiropractor's office!  The puller will yank the 40 inch
long guy stakes out of the ground with ease.

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