Near-Fest X 2011
October 14th & 15th, 2011

For Near-Fest X, the main goal was to Sell, Sell, Sell!
N1JOY, W2DAN, & N1PMB camped out Thursday night
at the Deerfield Fairgrounds and were one of the
first on line for Friday Morning.

All of the regular radio equipment was removed
from the rear storage area and filled with
tote bins full of items for sale.

The rear hallway was packed.
The bottom bunk was chock full
of folding tables, 9 in total.

We barely had had room to bunk down and
move around Thursday night and Friday
morning while we got ready for the day.

Things were piled up and rearranged
just enough to move around.  We brought
plenty to sell!

On Friday morning we set up the club tent and filled all
9 folding tables with goodies for sale.  And there were still
tote bins left filled until we sold enough items to make space.
If it was big and heavy, we gave you a special deal just
so it would not have to be hauled home!
Here is W2DAN working the crowd.

W1ICE stopped by for a while to visit.  The social event is
just as important as the selling part.

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