October 16th & 17th, 2009

Here you see the HAMCOW at night and day.  We threw all the aluminum in the air
we could to demonstrate our capabilities.  There were many, many individuals who
asked for the HAMCOW tour. 

Near Fest is a great place to find restored antique radios.

Is KE1LI selling Hamm's or looking for Hamm's?
A Hamm's Beer neon sign seems appropriate at a Hamfest.

The BCRA's club tent is transformed into the Team HAMCOW Gift
Shop.  Just like Disney, you take the tour then have to go through
the gift shop and buy something to take home.

Here is W2DAN convincing a customer he needs to buy
something in the tent that he didn't even know he needed!
The flea market was a success although traffic seemed
a bit slower than previous years. 

At night when things were slow and the temperature dropped,
the heated tent was a good hangout for the guys.

KE1LI appears to be doing a strange ritual in preparation for
the traditional beef sacrifice.

As always, KE1LI prepared some delicious steaks with baked
potatoes and stir fried broccoli.

W2DAN takes the Team HAMCOW spirit to a new level!

And Dave wasn't the only one.  KB1JBC tried to ride this
concrete statue back to the camp, but no matter how
hard he tried....

And the tradition of a late night musician jam session still lives.
At the far end of the fair grounds the musicians gather and
some make noise, and some make good music.  It's an interesting
ensemble of young and old all having fun with a good sized
audience watching.

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