Oct. 11, 2008

The HAMCOW made its debut at its first major Hamfest.  NEAR Fest is the
largest Hamfest in New England.  During our 2 day stay the HAMCOW
was opened to the public and approximately 400 people were given
tours of the inside of this rolling Ham-Mania! 
Everybody seemed impressed, and once one person got the tour,
they would come back a few minutes later with a few friends.

Check out the video tour that showed up on You Tube.  The first half
of the video is of the infamous WA1HLR, but at 6 minutes and 46 seconds,
you can see a quick HAMCOW video tour.

You-Tuba-fied HAMCOW!

KE1LI does his Mr. Microphone imitation.

We shot the pneumatic tower up and stood the satellite array
from its cradle.  It was great to watch unsuspecting onlookers
see the HAMCOW, turn their gaze upwards to the satellite array,
then really crane their necks as they followed the fully
telescoped tower to the array on top.  The standard response
was "Wow".... 

Just like Disney World, after every amazing adventure you get to tour
the gift shop.  Who wouldn't want a piece of this amazing Ham Radio

W1UJ was selling, buying, eating, and definitely relaxing!

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