Field Day 2017
June 24th & 25th, 2017

Amateur Radio Field Day is held at the Fall River - Freetown
State Forest Ranger station. 

Heavy downpours are what we were greeted with during setup.  Luckily
we were making good time when this started and still got on air on time.

It's not fun setting up in the rain. 

W2DAN takes a break for some mountain bike riding in the Freetown Forest.

W2DAN & N1KM did about 14 miles in the forest.  N1JOY had to bail out early because of a mechanical problem.

N1PMB came by to help set up and do some drone flying with N1JOY.

KC1BXY had a great run on the GOTA station.

KB1TQB sweating at the solar powered station. 

We didn't get many non-Ham visitors, but we were ready!

Here was our humble setup.  5 Elemnt tri-band Yagi for 10/15/20 & 5 element Yagi for 6 Meters.
The HF Yagi was shared by 2 radios through an HF triplexer.

N1JOY & KB1TQB's son, Evan.  Eternally curious and full of fun.

Our simple yet very effective 40 Meter full sized vertical. 

WA1BXY was our CW machine for the duration. 

A aerial shot from N1JOY's Phantom 4 Drone.

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