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Hans PIT 628269 PD0SDX's Home Page PD0SDX
Frans PA3ESK 1717700 PA3ESK
Maj Luke 1688455 Homepage of Michel Pikkaart PE1PTS
Bart Brom 2257189 PD0MIR
Mike Mike 5175759 PE1OHG
Erwin pa3gan 1141393 PA3GAN
Henk henk 4086144 PB0AFC
Berrie PA3BEF 6833816 PA3BEF
Derk Derk 447725 PA3AYS
Hans roland 184474 Midifiles pd0dad PD0DAD
Hans PACA 8320876 PA3ACA
Cor Cor 4265664 PA0GTB's LInk Page PA0GTB
Ron Ron 9598967 Antennas for all freq. PA3EZX
Hans Moby 10067190 PE1IZR PE1IZR
Jan JWL 10516741 PA3GNW
Ben PA3BMY 10607265 PA3BMY
Jaap 9991609 PA0OOS
Chris cbd 4651753 HobbyPage PD0BEQ
Paul Bird 16849952 PA3APA
Hennie 18694855 PE1NNJ
Maarten Beertje_Ehv 14061300 PE1PGN's Pagina PE1PGN
Jan pd0sbx 18560558 PD0SBX
John Nieuwerth1 9612629 Welcome to my homepage PE1LON
Rene Charlie 26910687 APRS (Automatic Packet Reporting System) Page PE1CAJ
Jan 5604729 Homepage of PE1KLQ PE1KLQ
Dimitri Chippendale 12651090 Dimi's Homepage PA3HAJ
Conrad Conrad 12729513 HomePage Medical Assistance Radio NL SWL PA-3171
Han PE1PNB 28274155 Hamradio links PE1PNB
Eric iceman 7166680 Eric's SWL Homepage SWL NL6777
John john(cxp) 20602096 PA3CXP