Hanover Area Hamming Association

Hanover, Pennsylvania

Field Day

June 22-23, 2024

Field Day logo

What is Field Day

This is Ham Radio's most popular operating event.

We set up in the carnival grounds at the PHVFC. Start with a 100 watt transceiver. Add a multiband antenna in the trees and a portable generator. Finally add a computer for logging and CAT control. We have a complete amateur station where absolutely nothing existed before. Neat. We operate this station for 24 hours and see how many other field day stations we can contact. If we are ambitious, we will add a second station.

Ham's ability and willingness to do this is legend. Maybe this is practice - maybe it is just fun.

Field Day Schedule

Day Time Activity
Sat 9:00 am Setup
Sat 2:00 pm Contest starts
Sun 2:00 pm Contest ends
Sun 2:00 pm Tear-down

Who is bringing what

What Description Who
HF station 1 (80, 20 & 15 meters) Transceiver with accessories
HF station 1 Antenna
HF station 1 Portable mast 1
HF station 1 Coax (100 ft)
HF station 1 Antenna Tuner
HF station 1 Computer with N3FJP s/w
HF station 1 CAT
HF station 1 WinKeyer-USB w/cables
HF station 1 Bandpass filters Name, Call
HF station 1 Desk light with bug bulb
HF station 1 AC power strip
HF station 2 Transceiver with accessories
HF station 2 Antenna (Inv Vee)
HF station 2 Portable mast 2
HF station 2 Coax (100 ft)
HF station 2 Computer with N3FJP s/w
HF station 2 CAT
HF station 2 WinKeyer-USB w/cables
HF station 2 Bandpass filters
HF station 2 Desk light with bug bulb
HF station 2 AC power strip
Power Generator
Power Fuel for generator (No ethanol)
Power Fire extinguisher
Power HD extension cord (2 x 100 ft & 1 x 50 ft)
Power Ground rod and wire
Other Talk-in station (146.895)
Other Networking
Other Public computer
Other General lighting for pavilion
Bonus points 100% emergency power
Bonus points Media publicity
Bonus points Public location
Bonus points Public info table
Bonus points Message to Section Manager
Bonus points Message handling
Bonus points Satellite QSO
Bonus points Alternate power QSOs
Bonus points W1AW bulletin
Bonus points Educational activity
Bonus points Visit by government official
Bonus points Visit by agency representative
Bonus points GOTA
Bonus points Web submission
Bonus points Youth participation
Bonus points Social Media
Bonus points Safety Officer
Food Cooler & ice
Food Coffee
Food Saturday lunch
Food Saturday dinner
Food Midnight snack
Food Sunday breakfast
Food Sunday lunch

Field Day is sponsored by the ARRL

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