Hanover Area Hamming Association

Hanover, Pennsylvania

Field Day Report

June 23 - 24, 2020

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The setup

We set up in a pavilion in the Pleasant Hill Fire Company's carnival grounds. Two HF stations plus a VHF station were powered by a gasoline fueled generator. A 40 foot portable mast supported inverted vee antennas for 20 and 40 meters. An 80 meter end fed antenna was strung from the pavilion to a nearby tree. We used the 40 meter antenna for 15 meters.

Each station had its own logging computer. All were networked together.

Two more tables were used for food and one for the public information table.

How well did it work?

Surprisingly well! We are in the declining phase of the COVID-19 epidemic. There were guidelines for the size of gatherings, social distancing, face masks, handwashing, etc. One week before Field Day we decided that we could observe the guidelines and still have an enjoyable weekend. We opted for a quick and simple setup.

The were no big problems and a delightful 15 meter opening. We missed the 10 meter opening for lack of an antenna. Sadly, there were no openings on 6 meters.

We had fun and nobody got the virius.

Some pictures of Field Day

All photographs by Charlotte Shaffer
FD John, N3BHW, operating the VHF station.
FD Our home for the weekend.
FD The portable mast held the 40 and 20 meter antennas. The 80 meter antenna ran to a tree near the pavilion.
FD Brian, N3VN, figuring out why the network doesn't work.
FD Mike, W3MBC, operating one of the HF stations.
FD The 6 meter antenna.
FD One of the HF stations.
FD We used N3FJP Field Day program on all stations.
FD Keeping track of who we have worked.
FD Our Public Information table.
FD This is the second HF station.

QSOs by band and mode
Band SSB QSOs CW QSOs Digital QSOs
80 39 0 0
40 87 8 0
20 200 0 0
15 80 0 0
6 11 0 0
Total 417 8 0

Official results

will be published in a few months by the ARRL.  Watch for it in December QST and this link.

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Field Day 2021

Will be June 26-27, 2021.