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Field Day Report

June 23 - 24, 2018

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The setup

We set up in a pavilion in the Pleasant Hill Fire Company's carnival grounds. Two HF stations plus a VHF station were powered by a gasoline fueled generator. Two portable 40 ft. masts were erected. The all band Carolina Windom antenna was strung between them. A 40 meter inverted-vee antenna was raised on one mast.

Each station had its own logging computer. An additional computer was available for anyone to see how we were doing. All were networked together.

Two more tables were used for food and one for the public information table.

How well did it work?

The pouring rain during antenna setup was not enjoyable. Otherwise, the weekend went without major problems.

Geomagnetic disturbance made weak and fading signals early in the contest. Thankfully, this improved steadily throughout the contest.

The food was great.

Some pictures of Field Day

FD It is pouring down rain on Saturday morning. Al, W3TRW, is adjusting the guys of the 40 ft. portable mast.
FD Al, W3TRW, Brian, N3VN and Mike, WM3J get the 40 ft. mast up. It is still raining. A 40 meter inverted-vee antenna was supported by this mast. We also put up another 40 ft. portable mast about 150 ft. away. The Carolina Windom antenna went between these. The rain stopped after we got all of the antennas up.
FD Our public information table. Lunch is ready on the table behind this.
FD In the top-left is Mike, W3MBC, and Michele, KB3LLS at the 40 meter station.

Mike, WM3J is at the public computer. Anyone could see how we were doing without interrupting the operators.

Next is Al, W3TRW, at the 80-20-15 meter station.

In the bottom right Brian, N3VN, and John, N3BHW running the VHF station.

All three stations and the public computer were networked together and running N3FLP's Field Day Logger.
FD Al, W3TRW, running 20 meters.
FD Mike, W3MBC, and Michele, KB3LLS at the 40 meter station.
FD Brian, N3VN, and John, N3BHW, operating the VHF station. It was 6 meters only using a 3 element yagi antenna.
FD Charlotte and Michele, KB3LLS.

QSOs by band and mode
Band SSB QSOs CW QSOs Digital QSOs
80 126 0 0
40 623 0 0
20 297 4 0
15 44 0 0
6 58 0 0
Total 1148 4 0

Official results

will be published in a few months by the ARRL.  Watch for it in QST and this link.

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Field Day 2019

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