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Hanover, Pennsylvania

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Field Day Report

June 24-25, 2017

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The plan

We set up in a pavilion at the Pleasant Hill Volunteer Fire Company just South of Hanover, Pennsylvania.  We had two stations with lots of room left for the public information booth, eating and lounging.

Station 1 was an Yeasu FT-991, a G5RV antenna and a laptop for logging.  It operated all bands except 40 meters.  Station 2 was an Icom IC-735, a 40 meter inverted vee antenna and a laptop for logging.  It operated 40 meters exclusively.  Power was supplied by a Honda EU2000i generator.

How well did it work?

Mostly, it went very well.

Two problems were encountered.  Firstly, the logging computers could not be networked using windows 10.  This was a simple file sharing setup.  Eventually the shared file was moved to a windows 7 computer and all was well.  Secondly, the G5RV antenna could not be tuned.  With two transmitters, three tuners and various feed lines the tuning was erratic and unstable. We discovered that a fourth tuner on the other station would tune it. We left it there and moved the 40 meter inverted vee to the first station.  Everything worked well after several hours of troubleshooting.  The cause of this strange behavior remains unknown.

We kept the stations manned for 24 hours.  1180 valid QSOs were made.

We had fun.

Some pictures of Field Day

FD Friday afternoon we gave the pavilion a good gleaning. Then Mike, WM3J, and Brian, N3VN, tried to set up the network of our three computers. Three hours later they abandoned Windows 10 and switched to a Windows 7 host. It worked perfectly.
Photo by W3CQB.
FD Bobbie, N3XTP, operating and Michele, KB3LLS, logging
Photo by N3VN.
FD Ralph, N3XTP, operating and Michele, KB3LLS, logging.
Photo by N3VN.

QSOs by band and mode
Band SSB QSOs CW QSOs Digital QSOs
80 119 0 0
40 639 0 0
20 302 0 0
15 63 0 0
10 57 0 0
Total 1180 0 0

We worked 49 of the 50 states. Only Idaho eluded our skillful operators.

Official results

will be published in a few months by the ARRL.  Watch for it in QST and this link.

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