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Hanover, Pennsylvania

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Field Day Report

June 25-26, 2016

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The plan

This was a joint effort of our club and the Baltimore Amateur Radio Club.

We set up in a pavilion at the Pleasant Hill Volunteer Fire Company just South of Hanover, Pennsylvania.  We had two stations with lots of room left for the public information booth, eating and lounging.

Station 1 was an Yeasu FT DX 3000, a G5RV antenna and a laptop for logging.  It operated 40 and 15 meters.  Station 2 was an Icom IC-7000, a 130 feet long end-fed wire antenna and a laptop for logging.  It operated 80, 20 and 10 meters.  Power was supplied by a Honda EU2000i generator.

How well did it work?

Setup and operation was surprisingly smooth.  Only minor problems were encountered.

749 QSOs were completed.  43 of the 50 states were worked.  40 meters accounted for 74% of all QSOs.  80 meters provided 22% and 20 meters only 4%.  15 and 10 meters gave us 1 QSO each.

We had fun.

Some pictures of Field Day

FD A portable mast holds one end of the G5RV antenna.
FD Bob, KA3MMS, shoots a line over a tree for the other end of the G5RV antenna.  The other antenna was an end-fed wire about 130 feet long.
FD Al, W3TRW, starts out on 15 meters but quickly changed to 40 meters.  This station stayed on 40 meters for the rest of Field Day.
FD The 40 and 15 meter station is on the left.  The 80, 20 and 10 meter station is on the far right.  The wooden box in the center is the 2 meter talk-in station.
FD Charlotte set up a nice public information station.
FD Andy, KB3RFK, makes OSOs using natural power.  Including our only 10 meter QSO - with 2.5 watts.
FD Hayden, KC3HFR, and Bob, KA3MMS, at the 40 meter station.
FD Mike, WM3J, ponders why both computers want to be the host on a peer-to-peer network.
FD Charlotte and Michele, KB3LLS, resting in the lounge area.
FD Dave, AB3TE, waits for a chance to operate.

Sending CW with a hand key?  Oh good grief!

FD One Operator.  One Logger.  One Operator Supervisor.  One Logger Supervisor.
FD Brian, N3VN, logging and Michele, KB3LLS operating 20 meters.

Official results

will be published in a few months by the ARRL.  Watch for it in QST and this link.

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