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Hanover, Pennsylvania

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Bingo Report

July 24 - 29, 2017

Bingo logo

Why Bingo?

The PHVFC has been very accommodating to our club. We have our meetings here. We also use the carnival grounds for Field Day and Picnic/PAQP.

We help them out with their annual carnival. We run the bingo game for them. It is our way of saying, "Thanks."

How did it go?

The largest problem is getting enough help to run the game. For six nights we need to have five to ten people there. That is a lot of people. Only Thursday was scary. Several helpers had previous commitments and arrived late.

The weather was great all week - except Friday. We had heavy rain all day and the crowd was very small. In fact, it was the smallest profit we have ever made. The other nights were good.

Actually, it was kind of fun even if it was a long and tiring week.

Some pictures from Bingo

Bingo Brian, N3VN, and Bobbie, N3XTP.
Photo by W3CQB.
Bingo Michele, KB3LLS, and Charlotte.
Photo by W3CQB.
Bingo Proud grandma holding our Bingo Girl. She was born five years ago during bingo and has been with us each year since.
Photo by W3CQB.
Bingo Al, W3TRW, showing some of our "snacks." We do eat well.
Photo by W3CQB.

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