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Hanover, Pennsylvania

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Picnic and PaQP

October 11, 2024

What is it

We schedule our fall picnic on the first day of the Pennsylvania QSO Party (PaQP).

About 10:00 am we meet at the carnival grounds of the PHVFC and set up the station. Members bring food of their choosing. We seem to eat all day but we want to get a couple operators fed early so they can start the contest at noon. Around dark we tear down.

The PaQP runs all weekend. The club just operates the first few hours. Many of our members continue the contest from their home stations.


Day Time Activity
Sat 10:00 am Setup
Sat Noon Lunch
Sat Noon Contest starts
Sat 6:00 pm Tear-down
Sat 6:31 pm Sunset

Who is bringing what

What Description Who
HF station Transceiver with accessories
HF station Antenna  
HF station Portable mast
HF station Coax
HF station Antenna Tuner (Club)
HF station Antenna Analyzer
HF station Computer with N3FJP s/w
HF station CAT
HF station AC power strip
HF station Desk light (if night operation is planned)
Talk-in Talk-in station (146.895) (an HT works fine)
Other Pavilion general lighting (if night operation is planned)
Food Water and soda
Food Coffee
Food Main course (hotdogs & sauerkraut)
Food Chips, pretzels & hotdog Buns
Food Desert

PA QSO Party Association

administers the PaQP. Check their web site for more information

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