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Randy's Antenna Party
Randy had previously assembled the array
on a short temporary tower.  Just high enough to get it off of the ground.  The eight individual yagis are pointing straight up in this picture.  The round thing in the center is part of the elevation rotator.  The real tower is to the left of the picture.  The task of the day was to get the antenna from this temporary tower to its final home on the 80 foot tower.
Bill (N3WD),  Bert (WB3GSO),  and Rick (N3OKF) watch as Randy climbs the temporary tower.
Terry (N3XBO) climbs the temporary tower to help Randy attach the antenna to the crane.
Shawn and Scott (N3XSC) holds one of the lines that prevent the antenna from rotating while it is hoisted to the big tower.
Richard watches while Brian (N3VN) holds another of the anti-rotation lines.
The antenna is free of the temporary tower.  It is still pointed straight up.
Al (KB3ETX) gets it all on video tape and Joe (N3MKE) watches.  The crane is behind them.
Half way to the top of the big tower.
Scott (N3XSC)  keeps the antenna from rotating while it approaches the tower.
Bill (N3WN) and Brian (N3VN) keep it from rotating the other way.
Bert (WB3GSO)  and Rick (N3OKF)  get more pictures.
The crane lowers the mast through three bearings and into the prop-pitch motor azmiuth rotator.  Terry (N3XBO)  and Randy (KG3N) are on the tower.
Bobbie (N3XTP) and Richard are amazed how smoothly it went.
Terry (N3XBO) climbs down the tower.
It turns right.
It turns left.
It turns up.
It turns down.
Randy (KG3N) checks out the rotators.
Finished.  Here the antenna as been rotated in elevation to point to the horizon.
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