KF3M Hanover Area Hamming Association
Hanover,   Pennsylvania

Picnic and Pennsylvania QSO Party 2014

Saturday, October 11, 2014.

I rained.  Why does it always rain on our picnic and PaQP?   The rain was just light showers by the time we got to the site but it was cold.  And got colder.   We got the end fed wire up and everything else was in a picnic pavilion.   We used the same IC-735 and laptop running N3FPJ software.  But this year we got the CAT set up and working.   We set up a portable WiFi hotspot.   We could use the spotting network this year.   We also set up the status reporting feature of the N3FJP software.   We even had time for the picnic before the contest started.

The food was good.   Bobbie's chili was a favorite in the cold weather.   It seems like only the die-hard operators braved the weather.   We had plenty of food.

Our approach to operating was casual.   With only six hours we are not going to win any plaques.  Everyone who wanted to operate got a chance in the chair.   By 6 pm we had 170 QSOs logged.   This was a little better than last year.

We tore down the station and packed up what was left of the picnic.   Everyone was home by dark.

PaQP Brian, N3VN, ready to start the contest.
PaQP Brian, N3VN, operating and John, N3BHW, logging.
PaQP Al, W3TRW, operating and John, N3BHW, logging.
PaQP We do not know who they worked but they got the attention of Joe, N3MKE and Ralph, N3XWN.
PaQP N3XTP, Bobbie, and her Mom.
PaQP This came in the mail two months later.