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Leonard's Antenna Party
Mike (N3KTX) climbs the tower,  lugging the gin pole with him.  It was a beautiful fall day.  But it was cold and windy.
Terry (N3XBO) and Brian (N3VN) finish assembly of the antenna. 
Brian (N3VN) has the rope attached to the antenna and ready to hoist it to the top of the tower.
It's up.  Mike (N3KTX) attaches the antenna to the rotator mast.  The gin pole is still attached to the tower.
Mike (N3KTX) decends to the ground - still lugging the gin pole with him.  Others helping, but who did not get in the pictures were  Leonard (KB3NL),  Bobbie (N3XTP),  Charlie (W3CQB,  and some of Leonard's family.  They served steaming hot coffee and it really hit the spot. 

We replaced the aging coax, turnbuckles on the guy wires and rope on the 75 and 40 meter dipoles.  Then ran inside to get warm.  Actually we claimed it was to check the SWR.  It was good and as we left .  Leonard was working Salt Lake City on 20 meters.
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