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Field Day

Meeting Place Map

We set up at the Pleasant Hill Fire Company carnival grounds.   This year we went with two transmitters and the "freebee" VHF/UHF transmitter.   We put up dipoles for 80,   40 and 20 meters.   The tri-band yagi was not used this year.   We also had small yagis for 6 and 2 meters.

The Field Day Site Barely visible at the front left is the public information table.   At the back left is the VHF/UHF station.   At back right is the 20 and 80 meter station.  At front right is the 40 meter station.   All stations operated ssb or cw at the operator's preference.   The guard dog remained on duty all weekend and protected us from all things evil.
The public information table The public information table.
Off duty operators Two off duty operators discussing something.  Probably the choice of 150 feet of RG-8 coax to feed the 2 meter antenna.  (Answer: It was available)
VHF/UHF station No caption needed.
The 80 and 20 meter station. This station ran 20 meters during the daytime and 80 meters at night.
40 meter station This station ran 40 meters the entire weekend.


QSOs by Band and Mode
Band CW Phone Total
80 25 144 169
40 74 389 463
20 61 316 377
6   7 7
2   1 1
Total 160 857 1017


Bonus Points Claimed
Points Activity
200 100% Emergency Power
100 Media Publicity
100 Set-up in Public Place
100 Information Booth
100 W1AW Field Day Message
100 Natural power QSOs Completed
100 Site Visit by invited elected official
100 Educational Activity Bonus
50 Submitted using b4h.net applet
950 Total


Bonus Points NOT Claimed
Points Activity
100 NTS Message to ARRL SM/SEC
100 Formal NTS messages Handled
100 Satellite QSO completed
100 Site Visit by invited served agency official
100 Youth Element achieved
100 GOTA Bonus
500 Total

We had lots of fun.   One new member made his first ever QSO.   We ate very well.   The weather was great.   It was a good Field Day.


This contest is sponsored by the ARRL.   Results will not be available for a few months.   Until then,   you can check out the Soapbox for Field Day stories from other groups.   All of these are interesting and educational.   Some are hilarious!

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